Mapeplast LA Powder

New: water soluble bag
Foaming admixture for fluid fillings and lean concrete with improved pumpability.
Mapeplast LA Powder produces self levelling foamed concrete, free from segregation, especially recommended for refilling road excavations.
Mapeplast LA Powder is also used for mixes with light weight aggregate (polystyrene, expanded clay, pumice, etc.).
Mapeplast LA Powder improves the pump ability of lean concrete with a cement ratio as low as 100-200 kg/m3.
To use, add Mapeplast LA Powder into the mixer at the same time as the mixing water, cement and aggregate, and mix for about 2 minutes. Coverage
0.5 kg per m3 of mix. Packaging
boxes of 30 x 0.5 kg water soluble bags.

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