Temporary encapsulation of asbestos cement panels.
Use Vinavil 03V for treating flat or corrugated asbestos-cement panels to provide temporary encapsulation before removal.
Vinavil 03V is a vinylversatate emulsion for fixing asbestos fibers to prevent their dispersion into the air thereby causing a health hazard and environmental pollution.
Vinavil 03V has been certified as effective by the Research Institute for the study of biological effects of inhaled particles at the University of Milan - Institute of Occupational Medicine. Vinavil 03V is suitable to be used as a temporary encapsulation.
Vinavil 03V must be applied by roller, brush, low pressure hand pump or "airless" spray in such a way as to avoid the dispersion of fibers in the air.
Once Vinavil 03V has dried, the asbestos-cement panels can be removed.

300-400 g/m2.

25-10 and 5 kg drums.

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