Kindergarten Medo Brundo

Location icon City of Zagreb, Croatia
Ref #: 385013001


Yard Renovation of the facade
Location City of Zagreb, Croatia
Subcategory SCHOOL
Built in 2007
Application Renovation of the facade
Start and finish date 2012
Application Type Wall protective
Client City of Zagreb
Contractor company Kunić Gradnja d.o.o., Zagreb
Architects Njirić plus arhitekti d.o.o., Zagreb
Specialists involved Đuro Subotić, ing.građ.
Project Manager Po Mark d.o.o., Zagreb, Mario Galić dipl. ing.građ.; Hrvoje Njirić,
MAPEI Coordination Fausto Ferlin, građ.

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Product used for the project

Elastocolor Paint
Elastocolor Paint
Elastomeric, crack-bridging, permanently flexible, protective paint with high…

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