Malyn Bridge

Location icon Malyn, Ukraine
Ref #: 11


Yard Waterproofing
Location Malyn, Ukraine
Subcategory BRIDGE
Built in 1965
Opened in 1965
Application Restoration of the bridge in the city of Malyn
The 152-metre Malyn Bridge is one of the Zhytomyr Region’s primary transport hubs and connects the road running north and south to Zhytomyr. The objective was to restore the birdge in the city of Malyn that spans the Irsha River. The entire structure had to be overhauled. The main beams of the bridge structures were replaced, existing support posts repaired, and a monolithic slab foundation was poured. The bridge was made wider to accommodate pedestrians and cyclists on paths on either side of the bridge. For added safety, barriers were replaced and new lighting was installed. For waterproofing the bridge, a bitumen membrane POLYFLEX HP P by POLYGLASS was used.
Start and finish date 2022/2023
Application Type Waterproofing systems
Contractor company PBC
MAPEI Coordination Evgen Plaziy

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