The Well

Location icon Sofiemyr, Norway
Ref #: 1105


Yard pools and wet areas
Location Sofiemyr, Norway
Subcategory Spa
Built in 2014
Opened in 2015
Application waterproofing and ceramics installation
Start and finish date 2015
Application Type New building
Client Kongeveien Eiendom AS
Contractor company Hent AS
Installer companies Celco Mur o Puss A/S
Architects Halvorsen & Reine AS
MAPEI Distributor Mapei AS
Credits Anders Hagen-Næsset, Mapei AS
Project Manager Bjørn Kjelsrud
MAPEI Coordination Tore Karlsen
Other The Well (project name Aquarius) is a private owned dayspa. The idea is to provide guests from south Norway and west Sweden with a luxury day spa. In a near future a hotel will be built to complement the spa. To get a good idea of the SPA, please take a look at FACEBOOK and Instagram and of course the web page Mapei products are used in all different areas. The main pool, saunas, “jungle cave”, showers and treatment rooms as well as kitchen. The project started as a lead from Mapei Dk, Kim Thomsen who had contact with the contractor Jens Otto Willumsen MD of Celco. Celco had at that time managed to get the contract. Now they wanted Mapei to help them with a product concept. The concept should be from concrete repair – membranes – adhesives and grouts. Not only products but also assembly instructions and training of personal. At this time Kim contacted Jan-Erik Johansson from Mapei Swe, who has been involved in a number of pool project. My job was to present a total instruction and material plan. Together with supervisor Arne Nesje from Sintef we got this approved technical. Now Tore Karlsen had to solve the sales. During the building time supervision on the site was performed by Alf Ruud Mapei No, Tore Karlsen and Jan-Erik Johansson
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