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Natalino Zanchetta
CEO of Polyglass USA
30 years of Polyglass USA: new plants and new markets: projects to promote further growth. Natalino Zanchetta, CEO of Polyglass USA, outlines the company’s development plans.

"The Power of Innovation - 3 Decades Strong!” is the theme of the Polyglass’ 30th anniversary in the USA. What is the secret of the Polyglass' success in the roofing industry?

Our 30 years of success has been largely due to our commitment to constant innovation and new product solutions for the industry. The real secret to our success is our people, the entire Polyglass community.

Our success could never be complete without our customers, partners, vendors, and the entire roofing industry. It is altogether that we succeed.


What are the company’s plans for expanding on North American markets and what strategies will it be adopting to achieve these goals?

Expanding capacity, new lines, and new plants are on the horizon of our growth. We will double pretty much every plant that we have right now, and we will also create new products. We are expanding our product lines in the building envelope to seal the whole building from the foundation, below grade, building envelope, and to the roof. That is the real challenge we are going through. All that we see on the horizon is our future.

Also, in Polyglass’ future, we're working on expanding our territory, starting from the Canadian market to the Caribbean. Most importantly, we are working together with the Mapei Group’s subsidiaries to complete the product offer in the building envelope field and being part of the Mapei Group will benefit our future growth.

In the United States, a huge infrastructure investment plan worth 1,200 billion dollars was launched. What opportunities open up for Polyglass USA?

In August 2021 the CEO of the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) stated that the “NRCA commends the Senate for approving” this infrastructure investment act; the passing of this act was similarly applauded throughout the various roofing, waterproofing and construction communities and we applaud this investment commitment as well. Although the impact to Polyglass’ roofing and waterproofing business will not be momentous in the short term, we do expect that we will see a steady and significant increase in demand for our products in the longer term (2-5 years). 

Projected US infrastructure and construction spending is forecasted to grow 5% in 2022; 5.5% in 2023 (2% higher than without the bill). Shortly thereafter we expect to see a ripple effect of those investments as improvements boost both residential and commercial construction/renovation demand; changes in traffic patterns and broad band access will make less populated (and remote work) areas more attractive inviting growth, and we expect the labor market to improve as this bill will likely spark new employment interest … all off of which will be of great benefit to Polyglass and our industry.


Polyglass is committed to giving back to the community and is proud to partner with and support local organizations, such as Dolphins Challenge Cancer, Sol Relief for the donations of roofing materials to the Bahamas, Ronald McDonald House of Ft. Worth, Abandoned Pet Rescue in Fort Lauderdale, etc. What is the meaning for Polyglass in participating with these initiatives?

Giving back to our community and industry has always been a core pillar of our strategy and part of the culture of our identity as a company. I learned that part of our culture and identity from my family in Italy; the Mapei Group also embraces giving back to the community, which we will continue to do and support.



Natalino Zanchetta
CEO of Polyglass USA
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