Mapei Corporation, the Group’s US subsidiary, developed an ink/mortar which allows the construction of 3D residential buildings
With its innovative PLANITOP 3D mortar, Mapei Corporation, the Group's US subsidiary, lent its support to the non-profit organisation “Habitat for Humanity” for the construction of the first 3D residential units in Newport News, Virginia. 
PLANITOP 3D, developed in partnership with Black Buffalo 3D Corporation's and powered by their 3D printing technology, enabled the rapid construction of homes for families in need. The advanced material, certified for its unparalleled performance and adaptability, facilitated the efficient and precise construction of the Habitat for Humanity homes. 
To add an extra layer of protection and aesthetic appeal to the homes, both structures were coated with paints from the ELASTOCOLOR range. These premium coatings not only enhance the durability and weather resistance of the exterior surfaces, but also allow for a personalized and visually striking finish.
PLANITOP 3D is an ink/mortar offering superior strength, durability and ease of use while ensuring precise and efficient 3D printing.

The mortar of the future

PLANITOP 3D is designed to meet the evolving needs of modern construction projects, offering superior strength, durability and ease of use. Its advanced formulation enables precise and efficient 3D printing, empowering architects, engineers and contractors to bring their visionary designs to life with confidence. 
Large-scale 3D construction printers and ink/mortar are now poised to improve the way that the world faces challenges related to affordable housing, emergency shelters, and resilient infrastructure. This innovation provides a faster, more efficient, and more affordable approach to residential and commercial custom construction, putting affordable housing within the reach of more people. 
The project in Newport News marks an important milestone in the use of 3D technology for residential builds and is also an example of Mapei's social engagement in the areas where it operates. The ribbon-cutting ceremony took place on December 12, 2023.
Fabrizio De Rossi, Mapei Corporation’s National Sales Director for Concrete Restoration Systems (CRS) / Building and Major Projects, stated, “We are pleased to witness families receiving the official keys to their new homes and starting to move in. This milestone not only highlights the success of cutting-edge construction technology, but also emphasizes the positive impact on the lives of those who now have a place to call their own.”
video_3D technology for the homes of the future
3D technology for the homes of the future

ICC-ES AC509 certification and the “Disruptive Innovation” award

The system has been awarded ICC-ES AC509 certification, which means that walls constructed with PLANITOP 3D have been found to meet the same code requirements as traditional concrete walls. Luigi Di Geso, President and CEO of Mapei Corporation, highlighted the company's commitment to technological advancements in construction, stating, “Planitop 3D’s compliance with the International Code Council Evaluation Service’s standards for structural walls, ICC-ES AC509, showcases our dedication to delivering solutions that not only meet but exceed industry benchmarks.”
Furthermore, PLANITOP 3D, has been lately honored with the Expert’s Choice award for Disruptive Innovation in Concrete Construction Materials at the 2024 Innovative Product Awards, which was held in conjunction with the World of Concrete tradeshow.  
With a focus on innovative technology, Mapei continues to set new standards in construction, offering a glimpse into the future of sustainable and efficient housing solutions.
The ribbon-cutting ceremony for the two 3D printed houses took place on December 12, 2023 in Newport News, Virginia.
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