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Cologne Golf Club

Design and sustainability at one of Germany’s best golf courses.

Location icon Cologne

Immersed in lush green hills, Cologne Golf Club is located to the west of Cologne. Voted one of the best German golf courses in 2015, the golf club has two 18-hole courses, a 9-hole course and a new Club House in a modern and minimalist architectural style. The structure includes a restaurant with an open kitchen, three dining rooms overlooking a solarium, a shopping arcade, a hotel with 34 guest rooms, a meeting room for conferences, presentations and seminars and an area dedicated to physiotherapy and coaching sessions for golfers.

The entire architectural structure is characterised by the special care taken over the design details, both internally and externally, and the use of refined coverings in wood, stone and textile.

A carefully designed lighting system and the attention paid to the tones and shades of the coverings combine to create an environment that is both relaxing and comfortable. The elegance of the comfortable surroundings is highlighted by the coloured finishes used in the guest rooms, each one according to its own design.



Mapei supplied their own brand products to make the substrates and to install wooden and textile floor coverings in the new Club House. The client specified that only products with characteristics of high quality, and eco-sustainability could be used. And Mapei was able to provide materials which were kind to both man and nature, to respect the original calling of this project.

For the dining area, the guest rooms and other areas, such as the shops and reception area (total surface area 1,100 m2), the preferred choice was wood, considered to be “warmer” and more elegant. In the areas where the wooden flooring was to be installed, the first step was to treat the surfaces with a coat of ECO PRIM T PLUS solvent-free acrylic primer in water dispersion with very low emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC), to improve adhesion of the levelling compound (manufactured and distributed on the German market). To eliminate the uneven areas and make the installation surface flat, a layer of PLANIPATCH cementitious skimming compound was applied.

Once this had dried, around 1.100 m2 of carpet was laid using ULTRABOND ECO S968 1K one-component, silylated polymer-based solvent-free adhesive with very low emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC).

Textile floor coverings were the preferred choice for the Fine Dining restaurant and hotel corridors. Decorative, hard-wearing, coloured carpet tiles were chosen for the restaurant, while for the corridors the designers proposed textile flooring characterized by an irregular pile pattern, similar to the bark of a tree. Even the fibres used to make the carpet are eco-sustainable and they are made from recycled PET water bottles.

ULTRABOND ECO 170 high-tack adhesive in water dispersion was used to bond the textile floor covering (400 m2).

MAPECONTACT H65 bi-adhesive strip was used to bond the skirting boards and profile pieces, which is available in various widths. To make the substrates perfectly flat, the surfaces had been previously skimmed with ULTRAPLAN ECO PLUS self-levelling, ultra rapid-hardening smoothing compound with very low emission of volatile organic compounds (manufactured and marketed on the German market by Mapei GmbH).


Project data sheet

Yard hotel and clubhouse
Location Cologne, Germany
Subcategory GOLF CLUB
Built in 2014
Opened in 2016
Application supply of products to make the substrates and install wooden and textile flooring
Start and finish date 2015
Application Type Installation of floors
Client AMAND GmbH & Co. Köln-Widdersdorf KG (Cologne)
Contractor company Amand GmbH & Co
Installer companies Speer Parkett (Geldern)
Designers (for works) Schönborn + Hoelscher (Velbert)
MAPEI Distributor W. & L. Jordan GmbH (Düsseldorf)
MAPEI Coordination Günther Hermann and Tom Schlag (Mapei GmbH)

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Adhesive with high initial tack and long open time, for textile floorings. TECHNICAL DATA: Consistency: creamy paste. Colour: light beige.…
One-component silylated polymer-based adhesive with zero plasticiser and solvent content and very low emission level of volatile organic…
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