Paola di Silvestro  - Mapei resilient line product manager
Paola di Silvestro
Mapei Resilient Line Corporate Product Manager
The new product systems spotlighted at Domotex 2020, as described with a focus on decorative wallpaper.

Mapei has always aimed at developing solutions which are functional, durable and reliable while meeting design requirements. What is your view on the combination of the world of aesthetics with design?

Mapei has always paid a lot of attention to the latest trends in construction materials and to all the requirements associated with these materials. In so doing, we are also able to propose specific lines of cutting-edge, reliable and professional products dedicated to the installation of new types of floor and wall coverings.

Over the last few years, for example, Mapei was able to propose a range of high performance products for safer and more durable installation of LVT, SPC and rigid LVT, materials which have become increasingly popular with designers and architects thanks to their excellent performance properties and ease of installation and maintenance, not to mention their availability in a wide range of patterns that reproduce the finish of many other types of floor and wall coverings often used in residential and commercial buildings and in the hotel sector.

In particular, Mapei has made quite an impression for their development of SHOWER SYSTEM 4 LVT1, 2,3, three different, complete systems for waterproofing and installing LVT and SPC in damp surroundings and showers cabins, which are made up of various waterproofing solutions, ULTRABOND ECO MS 4 LVT WALL silylated polymer-based adhesive, MAPECOAT 4 LVT epoxy grout and MAPECOAT 4 LVT anti-slip finish, which can increase the slip-resistance of floors to up to class R11 (DIN 51130) and A+B (DIN 51097).

At this year’s edition of Domotex Mapei also presented its new TX and DECOR lines for installing textile floor coverings, wallpaper, fiberglass wall coverings and decorative wall coverings in general, materials which are becoming increasingly popular and used by designers.

Mapei’s aim is to be partner for designers by supplying technical solutions suitable for high-impact, eye-catching projects.


Over the last few years we have witnessed wallpaper making a comeback. It’s also thanks to the advances made in wallpaper technology that it is now it is possible to print any kind of pattern or design and many types of wallpaper are now also washable. Has Mapei adapted its products to suit this quite surprising evolution?

Just like in other sectors, we have tried to keep pace with the evolution in wall coverings by developing innovative application systems that have led to the launch of the Decor line. This is a line of products dedicated to the installation and application of decorative wall coverings, such as all types of wallpaper, including printed fiberglass.

Firstly, the new Decor line includes a ready-to-use adhesive in water dispersion, ULTRABOND ECO DECOR DRY, which is used for bonding wallpaper on absorbent substrates in dry surroundings.

A completely new product, and the only one of its kind in the sector, is ULTRABOND ECO DECOR WET, a one-component, silylated polymer-based adhesive for decorative fiberglass and wallpaper in wet areas. It is also suitable for installing wallpaper on non-absorbent substrates.

When used in combination with MAPECOAT DECOR PROTECTION protective polyurethane finish, it makes possible to bond decorative fiberglass and wallpaper (as long as it is resistant to water) in wet surroundings, such as in shower cabins, thereby forming a system particularly recommended in renovation work without necessarily having to remove the old wall covering.


Mapei already presented a solution for installing LVT in wet surroundings, including showers, two years ago, the first one to do it! And this year you have continued on this wave of cutting-edge developments by proposing sound, durable systems for installing wallpaper in wet surroundings. What types of product are they exactly? And what do you offer designers in particular?

Our SHOWER SYSTEM 4LVT is, in fact, what we consider to be our jewel in the crown which stands out from the others for installing LVT and SPC available on the world market. This innovative system has been a source of inspiration.

And in the wallpaper and decorative glass fibre sector, too, Mapei has again been the first company to propose complete, specific solutions to meet the requirements of the latest trend of using decorative fiberglass and vinyl wallpaper, not only in dry surroundings, but also in wet surroundings and showers.

Thanks to the introduction of new production technology, the particularly high levels of aesthetics, functionality and resistance that some of these wallpapers and fiberglass wall coverings (including the printed ones) are able to achieve means they may also be used in surroundings where there is a particularly high level of moisture, such as bathrooms and even shower cabins, but obviously only if there is a suitable system.


In the case of renovation work, any solution that means you can eliminate having to remove (and dispose of) old coverings and substrates is a great help, for both designers and builders. Would you care to recommend some simple, quick solutions for wallpaper and fiberglass wall coverings?

Similarly with the 4LVT system, refurbishing any surroundings also becomes that much easier and quicker if you use products from the Decor line.

For example, if you want to simply “freshen up” a tiled wall in a bathroom without having to remove the tiles, which means without creating dust, noise and material you then have to dispose of, it is possible to level off and smooth over the tiles with PLANIPREP 4LVT ready-to-use, grout smoother and then, after just two hours, start bonding decorative fiberglass or wallpaper with ULTRABOND ECO DECOR WET reactive adhesive, which is obviously resistant to moisture produced by a shower. Then, after a further two hours, you can apply MAPECOAT DECOR PROTECTION, an aliphatic, polyurethane finish, which protects the pattern printed on the wallpaper, makes cleaning operations easier and protects the surface from discolouring and from UV rays.

After just 24 hours the shower is ready to be used again.


For a number of years now Mapei has developed an entire line of ad hoc products and solutions dedicated to the world of textiles. Mapei adhesives and skimming compounds are both a perfect match for use with high quality carpet. What kind of research has been carried to reach such results?

Carpet, both broadloom and tiles, is a high quality, highly technological and innovative product. It is both elegant and versatile and has its own unique characteristics, which makes it not only the ideal flooring material, but also a focal point in the most exclusive settings, such as luxury hotels, cruise liners, theatres and airports.

This year Mapei has decided to launch a completely new line of adhesives on the market to guarantee maximum performance, maximum durability and the best aesthetic result, but also to support floor layers when carrying out their work in different conditions and in every area of use.

The new TX line is made up of four different types of adhesive for installing broadloom, which differ mainly for their application characteristics (initial tack, open time and final strength).

One that stands out in particular is ULTRABOND ECO TX3, characterised by its excellent wet grab, early build up of strength, and high and tough final strength. This makes it a universal product, suitable for bonding needle-punches and carpet with any type of backing on any standard substrate, including heated floors and carpet pads. The performance characteristics of this adhesive are very similar to those of the old (but still very praised) solvent-based adhesives but it has the added advantage of being Blauer Engel, Emicode EC1Plus (GEV) and M1 (Building Foundation RTS) certified, which means it is a product with very low emissions of VOC and low odour according to ISO 16000:28 standards.

The TX line also includes the new anti-slide tackifier for loose-lay carpet tiles, ULTRABOND ECO TACK TX+.

This adhesive has been specifically developed to form a permanently tacky layer when dry, so that carpet tiles can be fixed without leaving them sliding and can be later easily removed and replaced. It is also suitable for fixing carpet pads and loose-lay LVT. This tackifier stands out from others available on the market for its ease of application with a roller, low consumption rate and very fast-drying properties.



For the wallpaper and decorative fiberglass sector, Mapei proposes the Decor line for the latest trend of using decorative fiberglass and vinyl wallpaper, not only in dry surroundings, but also in damp surroundings and showers.

For installations in dry surroundings: ULTRABOND ECO DECOR DRY, a ready-to-use adhesive with very low emission of VOC for bonding wallpaper and decorative fiberglass on absorbent substrates.

For installation in damp surroundings: ULTRABOND ECO DECOR WET, a one-component, silylated polymer-based adhesive for bonding even on non-absorbent substrates.

MAPECOAT DECOR PROTECTION protective, aliphatic, polyurethane finish in conjunction with ULTRABOND ECO DECOR WET provides a complete, safe system for installing decorative fiberglass and vinyl wallpaper with non woven fabric backing, even inside shower cabins. Particularly recommended also to make it easier to clean fiberglass wall coverings and printed wallpaper and to protect these types of wall covering from UV rays.




For installing textile materials, Mapei presented at Domotex the following adhesives:

ULTRABOND ECO TX 3, excellent wet grab “premium” adhesive with early build up of strength for textile and linoleum floorings.

ULTRABOND ECO TX 2, "professional” adhesive with high initial grab and long open time for textile floorings.

ULTRABOND ECO TX1, “standard” hard set adhesive for textile and linoleum floorings.

ULTRABOND TX57, high and fast initial grab adhesive for installing textile and linoleum floorings. Particularly recommended for use in cold weather and on sites with insufficient heating.

For the installation of loose-lay carpet tiles, ULTRABOND ECO TACK TX +, an acrylic-based adhesive, provides a permanently tacky film when dry, to allow the removal and replacement of carpet tiles when required. Also suitable for fixing carpet.


Visit the bespoke section of the website for further information about Mapei systems for installing carpet and wall/decorative surfaces. Download the brochure, watch the instruction video and ask our Technical Service team for further information.


Paola di Silvestro  - Mapei resilient line product manager
Paola di Silvestro
Mapei Resilient Line Corporate Product Manager
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