Daniele Sala
Restoration Line Specialist for Masonry Buildings, Mapei SpA (Italy)
With the new Mape-Antique NHL ECO range, Mapei offers the right solutions for eco-sustainable building.

Sustainability and environmental issues in general are common themes in various manufacturing sectors and a primary objective of the building process, thanks to the increasing level of awareness of public opinion, governments and of all those involved in the process, such as owners, designers, and contractors.

The building sector, which accounts for 50% of raw materials extracted in the whole of Europe, 36% of CO2 emissions, 40% of energy consumption and 21% of water consumption, has very high margins for change and improvement to become increasingly sustainable. This change, which must involve the entire life cycle of a building (LCA), may be achieved by making specific choices: a different approach to design and being more attentive when choosing which construction methods, technologies and materials to adopt, are undoubtedly important steps towards true sustainability. Using materials that contain a high level of recycled materials, and which are manufactured in efficient plants that use renewable energy, have a low impact on the environment and that have very low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC), form the cornerstones of the journey Mapei has undertaken in the field of sustainability.

Mapei, thanks also to its Research & Development laboratories, wishes to combine the study of materials from the past and innovative technology with eco-sustainable building in order to supply materials of the highest quality and more sustainability on work sites thanks to more simple waste management processes and a reduction in the required amount of time and energy.

The products from the new MAPE-ANTIQUE NHL ECO Range are a concrete example of this journey, and particularly MAPE-ANTIQUE NHL ECO RISANA, a single-product cement-free rendering mortar made from natural hydraulic lime and recycled materials used to restore masonry with rising damp, and particularly recommended for buildings of historical interest.

Why should one choose Mape-Antique NHL ECO RISANA?

This eco-sustainable mortar, which has the most important characteristics of all dehumidifying products (high breathability, macro-porosity and chemical and physical resistance to salts), is compatible with all brick, stone and tuff masonry and may be applied by trowel or with a rendering machine. Also, apart from complying with European standard EN 998-1 (R-CSII – Renovation mortar), it has GEV EMICODE EC1Plus certification label to certify its very low emission level of volatile organic compounds and guarantee excellent air quality, including when applied on internal walls.



What are the advantages on site?

Since this is a single-product dehumidifying product, application is quick and easy. In fact, MAPE-ANTIQUE NHL ECO RISANA can be applied directly on masonry without having to apply a scratch-coat beforehand, a characteristic that considerably reduces application times and costs, as well as the amount of energy required.

Another important feature is the marking on the package used to contain this mortar. In fact, the Aticelca logo guarantees that the paper and cardboard can be recycled, thereby reducing costs and consumption to dispose the packaging.



Who are you looking to engage with through MAPE-ANTIQUE NHL ECO RISANA?

Designers from the eco-sustainable building sector, but also technicians who work with historic building, because all the products in the MAPE-ANTIQUE NHL ECO Range are made from pure natural hydraulic lime without using cement, in line with constraints often imposed by heritage bodies. Thanks to the growing awareness of sustainability, these products are of great interest to companies operating in both small and big sites and can be easily found at the sales point of retailers/distributors of building materials.



How should I “finish off” Mape-Antique NHL ECO RISANA?

The MAPE-ANTIQUE NHL ECO Range includes two breathable skimming products, MAPE-ANTIQUE NHL ECO RASANTE CIVILE and MAPE-ANTIQUE NHL ECO RASANTE GROSSO, which are also cement-free and are made from natural hydraulic lime. In the near future, Mapei will launch other new innovative and eco-sustainable systems.



Why should you choose Mapei?

Mapei has always been synonymous with quality, innovation and experience. We guarantee full support during each executive phase, thanks to the widespread network of specialists involved on all types of sites and at every level.

What is more, training and an awareness of eco-sustainability are crucial for Mapei, thanks also to the staff dedicated to Research & Development work into this field.


video_Mape-Antique NHL ECO Risana - Single-product dehumidifying render
Mape-Antique NHL ECO Risana - Single-product dehumidifying render
Daniele Sala
Restoration Line Specialist for Masonry Buildings, Mapei SpA (Italy)
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