Tham Hyok Hwei
Head of Track Management at Sepang International Circuit
During the resurfacing of the kerbs and run-off areas at the Sepang International Circuit last autumn, the presence of Mapei experts on site was much appreciated, as it demonstrated the attention and focus given to the project. The Head of Track Management at Sepang highlights the challenges of this project.

What makes the Sepang circuit different from the other circuits?

The track layout includes high-speed sections, such as the long back straight, as well as technical sections with a variety of corners. This mix tests both the straight-line speed and the handling capabilities of the vehicles. Besides, it has a variety of corners with different radii and banking levels, which challenges drivers and teams to find an optimal setup. Finally, it is known for its wide runoff areas, providing a safety feature for drivers. The sample space allows for recovery in case of a mistake and reduces the likelihood of serious accidents.
video_MotoGP Sepang International Official Circuit 2024
MotoGP Sepang International Official Circuit 2024

How often do you carry out renovation works?

It depends on the state of the area. In most situations our aim is to carry out preventive maintenance. 

What are your main requirements regarding products for renovation?

We especially request high levels of effectiveness and sustainability, which means long durability. 

What did you appreciate most of the support provided by Mapei during the renovation of kerbs and runoff areas last autumn?

We especially appreciated the presence of the Mapei staff on site that shows the attention and focus being given to the project. That gave us the comfort that the project was monitored closely by Mapei experts.

Project information

Petronas Sepang International Circuit, Sepang (Malaysia)
Design: Hermann Tilke
Period of construction: 1998
Period of the Mapei intervention: 2023
Intervention by Mapei: applying a protective colored coating on kerbs and runoff areas
Owner: Sepang International Circuit Sdn Bhd
Coating contractor: LLT Specialists
Mapei coordinators: Claire Wong Pek Yan, Lim Kean Meng and Lim Coco (Mapei Malaysia), Elisa Portigliatti and Marco Cattuzzo (Mapei SpA, Italy) 
Photos: Nicholas Yong & Farah Wahida
Tham Hyok Hwei
Head of Track Management at Sepang International Circuit
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