autore_abhijit dutta
Abhijit Dutta
General Manager of Mapei India
General Manager Abhijit Dutta outlines Mapei India’s expansion plan.

Mapei is getting ready to open its third manufacturing plant in India: does this confirm the enormous potential of the Indian market?

Definitely. Considering the size of the Indian subcontinent, we need to be able to rely on minimum four manufacturing plants in various regions to cover the entire country effectively.


India, a country that is coming to terms with the hefty economic repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic, is undertaking an ambitious plan of new infrastructures and major works (NIP). What opportunities does this open up for Mapei?

Mapei India has always operated in the field of infrastructures and strategic works of national importance for different Government ministries, including Defence. Now, partly thanks to the boosting of our production lines and facilities, we are fully prepared to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by the Government’s new push for infrastructure.


What are the prospects for Mapei in the building industry for the housing market?

Initially, in order to overcome certain logistical constraints, we focused mostly on the top end of this market.

Then, after opening a plant in Vadodara, we began to making inroads into a much larger slice of the market. Thanks to the third plant, we will be able to gain a much larger market share in the Northern and the Central part of India.

Which are the most important product lines for Mapei in India?

The line of products for installing ceramic tiles and stone material, as well as our waterproofing agents, admixtures for concrete and products for underground works.


India has a rapidly developing economy, but its bureaucracy is often accused of being slow and inefficient. What is your opinion about this based on your own experience?

It is a fair point. The current government is doing its best to simplify procedures, but it is still a slow process. Nevertheless, Mapei India staff know how to overcome these hurdles and, so far, we have managed to handle them satisfactorily.


India excels in school and university education, not just in the fields of high-tech and technology. Is this a key factor that Mapei has experienced in its own business operations?

Yes. The Indian education system generates a reliable flow of highly qualified and professional personnel, which helps make the national economy “resilient”, i.e. more flexible and more able to absorb the impact of any negative factors. That is why we are developing a strategic project to allow Mapei India to contact the final year students of some selected universities, so that the Mapei brand becomes well known to these young professionals and motivate them to contact Mapei when they take up their positions in their respective professional lives.


autore_abhijit dutta
Abhijit Dutta
General Manager of Mapei India
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