Angelo Giangiulio
Corporate Product Manager, Wooden Flooring Line
Silylated polymer-based adhesives: the eco-sustainable choice

The idea of combining the benefits of polyurethane and silicone into one single product first came about at the beginning of the seventies. Researchers started to study silane terminated prepolymers, the characteristics of which made them suitable for use in formulating sealants.

Over the years, the success of this technology led to the range of products for other applications also being extended.

Nowadays, apart from sealants, silane terminated prepolymers are also used to produce various types of adhesives for wood flooring.


Are there different types of silylated polymer-based adhesives?

Silylated adhesives are divided into three different categories, according to international standards EN 14293 and ISO 17178: Hard, Hard Elastic and Soft, which differ according to their hardness, elasticity, elongation (which can range between 0 and > 1) and bonding strength to concrete, which can vary between 2.5 and 1.5 N/mm2.


How do you identify which is the right class to use?

The Soft category of adhesives is used to install all formats of pre-finished multi-layered and medium-format solid wood flooring. Hard Elastic adhesives are chosen for installing solid wood and pre-finished flooring in any format, while with the Hard category of adhesives there are no limitations to the type of wooden flooring they can be used for.


What does Mapei propose regarding silylated polymer-based adhesives?

The products on offer from Mapei cover all classes specified in the standards. Mapei one-component, silylated polymer-based adhesives contain no water, solvents, amines or epoxy resin.

Mapei has also developed two cutting-edge adhesives: ULTRABOND ECO S LITE one-component adhesive, suitable for installing all types of pre-finished or pre-sanded multi-layered and medium-format solid wood flooring, and ULTRABOND ECO S PLUS one-component adhesive with no methanol emissions, suitable for installing all types of pre-finished or pre-sanded and medium-format solid wood flooring on any type of substrate, including heated screeds.


Which characteristics have made this type of products so highly appreciated?

Easy cleanability of the surface of pre-finished flooring, without a doubt, particularly flooring with an oil finish.

No less important is the complete absence of hazard labels on the products, along with the fact that these adhesives are able to obtain environmental certification, such as Blauer Engel and EMICODE EC1Plus.

All the silylated adhesives from the ULTRABOND range have, in fact, very low emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC).


Angelo Giangiulio
Corporate Product Manager, Wooden Flooring Line
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