The Mapei Football Center consists of a main building with two gymnasiums, physiotherapy rooms, a conference hall, offices, service areas and a carpark, while externally there are 6 football pitches, with the main pitch having its own spectator stand. The Mapei Football Center was built using products from the company’s extensive range of products and systems. Here is a brief summary of the products used.

MAPELASTIC two-component cementitious mortar was used to waterproof the showers. PURTOP SYSTEM was also used to waterproof the roof over the spectator terraces.

The MAPEPLAN T line was used to waterproof the roofs. Made by Polyglass, a subsidiary of the Mapei Group, MAPEPLAN T is a line of synthetic waterproofing membranes which, thanks to exclusive “multi-extrusion coating” technology, is also able to supply high performance FPO/TPO membranes and features high level of durability, excellent workability and good weldability.

The main roof was made using the high reflectance “cool roof” system, consisting of the following layers: POLYVAP FIX vapour barrier, with POLYVAP FIX AL in the more critical areas, PUR/PIR insulating panels and membrane.

MAPEPLAN T Af BRoof (t2) membrane was bonded with MAPEPLAN ADS 100 and MAPEPLAN ADS 310 adhesives. The terraces were waterproofed with MAPEPLAN T B. All the waterproofing operations were completed by using accessories belongining to the MAPEPLAN T line.

To waterproof the retaining walls of the main building and the spectator stand, Polyglass products were used: POLYPRIMER HP 45 PROFESSIONAL bituminous primer, EASY LIFT plastostyrene waterproofing membrane, POLYFOND KIT DRAIN protection and drainage system. The waterproofing system and the POLYFOND KIT DRAIN vertical drainage system were protected with HDPE geocomposite.


TOPCEM PRONTO pre-blended, ready-to-use mortar with normal setting and controlled shrinkage, TOPCEM quick drying mortars and MAPECRETE LI HARDENER consolidator were used to make the screeds.

To finish off the seamless flooring in the reception rooms and in other areas of the building, the architect opted for the ULTRATOP SYSTEM, with a special bespoke pattern dedicated to Sassuolo Calcio.

The systems used for the other areas of internal flooring more subject to wear, and where a higher degree of non-slip finish was required, were MAPEFLOOR I 320 SL CONCEPT self-levelling, abrasion-resistant epoxy coating with a coloured granular effect finish and the multi-layered MAPEFLOOR SYSTEM 32 for industrial floors, which has high resistance to chemicals, including aggressive chemicals. It is also resistant to wear caused by wheeled vehicles and has a non-slip finish. The MAPESILENT system was applied to guarantee a good level of acoustic comfort, which consisted of MAPESILENT COMFORT sheet, MAPESILENT BAND and MAPESILENT TAPE.

To install the ceramic tiles in various areas, the products chosen were KERAFLEX MAXI S1 and ELASTOCOLOR adhesives and KERAPOXY and ULTRACOLOR PLUS grouts for joints.  The last two products guarantees the highest level of resistance to cleaning cycles and ensures surfaces maintain a high level of hygiene.


The internal walls were treated and finished off with DURSILITE washable water-based paint for internal walls.

For the drainage system for the pitch the products used were MAPESOIL 100 stabilising agent and MAPESOIL VD hydraulic binder. Aggregates and MALTAVISTA mortar by VAGA (a Mapei Group’s subsidiary) were also used for the sub-bases of the football pitches.

The MAPECOAT TNS RACE TRACK system was used to coat the surfaces of the stands and the pedestrian areas (MAPECOAT TNS PRIMER EPW - MAPECOAT TNS RACE TRACK - MAPECOAT TNS PROTECTION).


Lastly, the showers in the changing rooms were dressed with mosaic from the Tanticolori Verde collection (size of tiles 20x20x4 mm) by Mosaico+, a subsidiary of Mapei Group.

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soccer pitches, offices, parking places
Sassuolo (Cà Marta), Italy
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supply of products for building construction and soccer pitches stabilizing
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Waterproofing systems, Floor/wall covering, New building, Products for sports flooring, Admixtures for concrete
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Colombo Costruzioni Spa
Installer companies
Onsitestudio (Giancarlo Floridi, Angelo Lunati)
Specialists involved
Onsitestudio (Giancarlo Floridi, Angelo Lunati)
Andrea Vignoli; Filippo Romano
Project Manager
Milan Ingegneria (Ing. Maurizio Milan)
#floors #polyglass
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Products for cementitious and resin flooring
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