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2018 Sustainability Report

Sustainability - An increasingly important commitment. The 2018 Sustainability Report for Mapei Spa and the Group’s Italian subsidiaries has now been published.

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly decisive factor in Mapei’s corporate development strategies as is confirmed by the results of the 2018 Sustainability Report. The report outlines the Mapei Group’s Italian operations, which, in addition to the holding company, also include those of its Italian subsidiaries (Adesital, Cercol, Mosaico+, Polyglass, Vaga and Vinavil).

Here is a summary of the results attained in 2018:

  • the company is worth 906 million Euros, 10% of which comes from products with life cycles of under three years; this figure has been rising over the last three years with a 14% increase compared to 2016 when Mapei SpA (Italy) published its first Sustainability Report.
  • 820.9 million Euros have been handed out to stakeholders (suppliers of raw materials and services, staff, shareholders, associations, local communities)
  • Investment in Research and Development, an increasingly important driver behind the Mapei Group’s growth, has reached a figure of 35.7 million Euros, higher than previous years. Mapei launched 108 new products on the market in 2018.
  • 32 million Euros have been spent on sports, cultural and social events to support local areas and communities.
  • Another important consideration is the focus on staff employed by the Group: 90% have been hired on permanent contracts. A total of 42,200 hours was devoted to training in 2018, and an agreement was signed with unions concerning holidays and the so-called Ethical Bank.

These facts and figures are a testimony to Mapei’s constant commitment towards creating an increasingly sustainable society. This awareness has resulted in the Group making sustainability one of the four fundamental pillars of its business approach. Sustainability stands alongside the three other columns that have always guided the Group’s business operations (internationalisation, specialisation, Research & Development).

Well aware that it can make a significant contribution, the Mapei Group feels it is its duty to be in the front line in the challenge to make building more sustainable.

This awareness means devoting increasing amounts of resources to designing innovative products to help enhance the sustainability of the buildings for which they are used, minimising the impact on both the surrounding environment and the health of the people who inhabit them.

This commitment to the field of product sustainability does not distract the company from other commitments in the environmental and social fields, which Mapei has been undertaking with determination for decades now in order to serve the interests of all its own stakeholders. The targets attained by the holding company and the Group’s Italian subsidiaries are, then, the result of projects working in various directions. Above all in the field of research into developing innovative and sustainable solutions; operations co-ordinated on a worldwide scale by the Mapei Research & Development Centre in Milan and supported by very close ties with the scientific community.

Another important factor is the creation of an efficient manufacturing process backed up by management systems, conscientious and sustainable management of the entire supply chain and the responsible use of materials, as well as careful management of all its operating plants.

Mapei has always believed in the professional and personal growth of its own staff (a total of 2197 in Italy at the end of 2018), as is proven by its investment in this field: a carefully structured corporate welfare system is the company’s way of ensuring a high level of job satisfaction and, hence, of obtaining significant benefits by generating a sense of belonging (only 3.60% of staff leave the company), boosting productivity and enhancing its corporate reputation.

As well as the environment and economy, another of the three fundamental pillars of sustainability is the social side of business: the company generates value for the surrounding region and plays an active part in the life of local communities. For a long time now Mapei has helped support local projects and activities through sponsorships (in sport, culture and the arts) and donations to help and support various associations, while also offering its know-how and products free of charge.

You can download here the summary of the 2018 Sustainability Report in its English version.

*These figures do not include U.S. Sassuolo Calcio S.r.l., Mapei Stadium S.r.l. and Fili & Forme S.r.l.

Mapei Sustainability figures*


Million Euros spent on R&D in 2018


Million Euros distributed to stakeholders in 2018


of turnover in 2018 came from products with formulations less than three years old


new products introduced on the market in 2018


lower work-related injury rate for the three-year period 2016-2018


hours (approx.) of training for employees (19 hours per capita)


million euros (approx.) as contribution to sporting, cultural and social initiatives


total amount of CO2 during the life cycle of Keraflex Maxi S1 Zero adhesive in 2018 fully offset by purchasing credits for a reforestation project covering an area of more than 21,000 hectares


of purchased goods (in weight) from Italian suppliers in 2018


employees in 2018 (+8% compared to  31/12/2016)


employee resignations in 2018 


new employees in 2018


of employees with a permanent work contract

*All figures refer to the Group's Italian subsidiaries

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