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Mapei products for thermal insulation and installation of ceramic tiles in this elegant private house.

This one-family house is situated on the bank of the Leitha River meandering through the town of Mosonmagyaróvár, in northwestern Hungary. A true island of peace, it features simple, clean lines and enchanting surfaces. Mapei contributed to its completion by supplying products for thermal insulation, the installation of ceramic tiles and wall coatings.




Energy efficiency in residential buildings has become a top priority in Hungary. Consequently, designing and constructing houses with reduced energy consumption and properly insulating the exterior walls of newly erected structures have gained vital importance. Mapei Kft., the Hungarian subsidiary of the Group, was able to supply a proper solution for this project.

The external walls of the house were thermally insulated by applying the MAPETHERM system on a total surface area of 319 m2. Contractors installed MAPETHERM EPS extruded sintered polystyrene insulating panels over the walls and MAPETHERM XPS polystyrene insulating panels over the footings of the building, using MAPETHERM RAGASZTÓTAPSZ, a mortar manufactured and distributed in Hungary by Mapei Kft., for their bonding. Upon fastening theMAPETHERM IDK-N anchors (which are also manufactured and distributed by Mapei Kft.), they skimmed the surfaces once again with MAPETHERM RAGASZTÓTAPASZ, using MAPETHERM NET glass fibre mesh for its reinforcement.

The external wall surfaces were subsequently treated with SILANCOLOR BASE COAT colored siloxane undercoat and coated with SILANCOLOR TONACHINO siloxane plaster.


Inside the house, contractors succeeded in creating a very homely and friendly environment. Mapei products were used for bonding ceramic tiles in two bathrooms, a kitchen and all aisleways.

In the bathrooms, the substrates were first treated with PRIMER G, a synthetic resin-based water-dispersion primer. They were then levelled with PLANITOP FAST 330 fibre-reinforced cementitious mortar. Waterproofing operations were carried out with MAPELASTIC and MAPEGUM WPS membranes and MAPEBAND tape.

All ceramic coverings, from the smallest to the largest tiles, were installed with KERAFLEX LIGHT S1 adhesive (which was later superseded by is KERAFLEX EASY S1). The joints were grouted with KERACOLOR FF FLEX, a product manufactured and distributed on the Hungarian market by Mapei Kft., while expansion joints were sealed with MAPESIL AC.

The kitchen floor was covered with custom-shaped, hand-made ceramic tiles manufactured in Hungary, again installed with KERAFLEX LIGHT S1 and grouted with KERACOLOR FF FLEX. Expansion joints were again sealed with MAPESIL AC.

90 × 45 cm ceramic tiles were chosen for the aisleways and installed with KERAFLEX S1 here.

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