From Realtà Mapei International n° 79 - 3/4/2020

Passionate about life, art and beauty


Business people, those who use their ingenuity to create employment and well-being, are the true heroes of our nation: it is worth remembering that if Italy is still on its feet, it is thanks to them. So, they deserve to be celebrated and admired because they are champions, outstanding talents to be applauded and imitated.

Two modern-day heroes, who helped make our country great, have left us together after spending a lifetime together. We believe they have joined each other again amongst the righteous, so that they can watch over their children, Marco and Veronica, and everybody who loved them.

We were taken aback and deeply moved, but not surprised, when we found out that Adriana Spazzoli passed away just a few weeks after her husband after being married for almost half a century and going on an incredible venture together in the world of business and philanthropy.


We feel privileged to have known this wonderful couple, formidable business people who promoted Italian excellence around the world... Personally speaking, they were two dear friends, two exquisite people, kind and gentle, with whom we shared a love of art and passion for opera music... Adriana and Giorgio helped us with our charity work, sharing our desire to make the world a better place.

With elegance, generosity and discretion, Adriana Spazzoli and her husband (through their business) supported the particularly complex philanthropic marathon we have been personally involved in. They gave us a helping hand right from the very first event and, indeed, the dazzling success of “Celebrity Fight Night in Italy”, with all the happiness it has brought around the world, also bears their hallmark and signatures.

My deepest thanks go to my dear friend Adriana and I would like to send a prayer out to her as she completes her final journey. Her life, just like her husband’s, will continue to shine on through the work they have done, everything they have helped build, and the values they embodied while they were down here with us. Including that deep devotion to life, art and beauty. The life, art and beauty she was so passionate about.

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