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From Realtà Mapei International n° 73 - 3/22/2019

Reasons to be optimistic

The determination to keep on going despite all the difficulties.

Dear readers,

2019 has got off to a great start.

This is not supposed to be a joke as some of you might think, bearing in mind all the political uncertainty and deprivations we are having to deal with in some countries at the moment.

In any case, we are continuing to do our very best to make the most of a tricky situation relying on that something extra we have to offer: the determination to keep going and try and turn things around by focusing on quality.

This issue of Realtà Mapei International is a small but significant example of this.

The magazine opens with an article on the new exhibition at La Scala Museum on the 240-year history of this famous theatre.
The exhibition, sponsored by Mapei, hosts a section focusing on more recent work carried out by the architect Mario Botta and his project to construct a new tower behind the current stage tower. An interview with Mr Botta tells us more about this extension project.

Plenty of space is devoted to Mapei systems and products for the food industry with an interview with a famous Italian chef, a brief report on the current situation of the global food industry, and a description of several projects that Mapei contributed to complete: restaurants, kitchens, food factories, and the dining area of a cruise ship. 

The current situation in the global construction industry is spotlighted in an article highlighting the revivals and slowdowns in different countries in 2018 and the forecasts for 2019.

Several pages are devoted to a report on the latest edition of the Bau and Domotex trade fairs in Germany.

This also gave us the opportunity to tell you more about Mapei’s presence in Germany and the latest projects the company has contributed to in this country.

The Pacific is also in the spotlight in this issue of the magazine with plenty of articles on Mapei Australia, its plant in Wacol, its supply of systems and technology to prestigious building sites (including the Carrara Stadium and the Commonwealth Games Athletes’ Village on the Gold Coast), as well as an article on Mapei New ealand and its contribution to the extension of Wellington Airport.

Mapei’s commitment to sport is described in detail in the report on Sassuolo’s performances in the first half of the 2018-19 Serie A league championship, the 2019 Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race and training work carried out by Mapei Sport Centre’s staff with cyclists competing at an international level.

A new column, called “News from the World of Mapei”, features various activities carried out by the Group’s subsidiaries all over the world: special events, building projects, trade fairs, etc.

And then… and then I will leave it up to your curiosity to join me in reliving everything that has inspired me to indulge in a few optimistic thoughts.

I hope you enjoy your reading.

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