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N° 76 - 04/09/2019

Dear readers, Italy has been awarded the 2026 Winter Olympics to be held in the cities of Milan and Cortina. It was an “Italian” victory because, for once, the people of Italy overcame political division, personal interests and parochialism. It was...



N° 75 - 26/06/2019

“Invest to grow”. This has always been Mapei’s corporate policy as Giorgio Squinzi, CEO of the Group, has frequently pointed out. Read more on our editorial.

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N° 75 - 27/06/2019

Q&A with Christophe Jeauneau, General Manager of Mapei France.

#theworldofmapei #vision

The expert's opinion

N° 75 - 21/08/2019

Mapei plans to be a leading player in projects aimed at boosting the continent's transport, energy and real-estate industries.

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N° 74 - 06/05/2019

This issue of Realtà Mapei International is very “Italian”, but not exclusively“Italian”. At a time of great global economic uncertainty the construction industry, which has historically been a driving force behind the nation, could play a central...


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