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N° 74 - 06/05/2019

This issue of Realtà Mapei International is very “Italian”, but not exclusively“Italian”. At a time of great global economic uncertainty and a general tendency to close ranks that many nations are showing, Italy has the chance to express its full...



N° 73 - 22/03/2019

The determination to keep on going despite all the difficulties.

#theworldofmapei #vision


N° 72 - 17/12/2018

Interview with Giorgio Squinzi: Mapei plans to become increasingly competitive on international markets.

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Social responsability

N° 72 - 28/12/2018

The 2017 Sustainability Report has now been published.

#vision #support #sustainability


N° 71 - 06/11/2018

In this new issue, our magazine is devoting plenty of space to the annual Cersaie trade fair in Bologna. The state of the industry, new products and lectures by starchitects, the hotel business and much more.

#ceramics #vision #mapeigems

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