Lime-cement based smooth finishing compound for interior and exterior renders, to be applied “fresh on fresh” up to 3 mm thick.
Planitop 520 is used as a smooth finishing of cement-lime mortar or prepacked “fresh” renders for interiors and exteriors on walls and ceilings, before painting or applying thin coloured coatings.
Thanks to its special composition, the finishing obtained by mixing Planitop 520 with water has a high bonding strength and is easy to apply with a metal trowel even on coarse renders. Furthermore, it can be quickly finished with a sponge float.
Planitop 520 may be applied with a metal trowel up to a thickness of 3 mm per layer using the “fresh on fresh” technique.
According to EN 998-1 Standards,
Planitop 520 is classified as a GP-type civil smoothing and levelling compound (“General purpose mortar for internal/external render”), category CS II.

available in white or light grey.

1.35 kg/m2 per mm of thickness.

25 kg bags.

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