MAPELASTIC two-component, elastic cementitious mortar made from cementitious binders, fine-grained selected aggregates, special admixtures and synthetic polymers in dispersed water, is the definitive solution to infiltrations of water that damage and shorten the service life of balconies and terraces.
MAPELASTIC is an easy to use product. When the two components are mixed together, they form a smooth mix with good trowellability. Also, thanks to the high quality of its components, a hardened layer of MAPELASTIC maintains its elasticity whatever the surrounding conditions and is unaffected by the aggressive chemical action of de-icing salts, sulphates, chlorides and carbon dioxide.
And that’s not all, because MAPELASTIC also has an excellent level of adhesion on both old and existing surfaces in concrete, ceramic and marble, as long as they are sound and sufficiently clean.
All these properties combine to ensure that structures protected and waterproofed with MAPELASTIC remain durable.
MAPELASTIC is certified EN 1504-2 for repairing, maintaining and protecting concrete structures and EN 14891 as a waterproofing product applied under wall and floor coverings.


Two-component, flexible cementitious mortar for waterproofing balconies, terraces, bathrooms and swimming pools.


  • Complete system
  • Sound waterproofing
  • Thirty years’ experience
  • Maximum guarantee
  • Perfect adhesion
  • Restores and enhances
  • High breathability level
  • High flexibility
  • Resistant to UV rays
  • Blocks co2 penetration
  • Proven reliability
  • Reliable solutions
  • Application at low temperatures
  • Quick, simple application

Consistency of mix: plastic-trowable.
Mixing ratio: comp. A: comp. B = 3 : 1.
Pot life of mix: approximately 1 hour.
Application temperature range: from +5°C to +35°C.
Minimum applicable thickness: 2 mm in 2 coats.
Classification: EN 1504-2 - coating (C) principles PI, MC and IR and EN 14891 norm.
EMICODE: EC1 Plus - very low emission.
Storage: 12 months comp. A, 24 months comp. B.
Application: trowel or by spray.
– trowel: 1.7 kg/m² per mm of thickness;
– spray: 2.2 kg/m² per mm of thickness.
– 32 kg units: 24 kg bags + 8 kg tanks;
– 16 kg units: 2x6 kg sachets + 4 kg tanks.

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