Cement-free fillerized hydraulic lime- and Eco-Pozzolan-based binder, for consolidating, by injection, stone, brick work and tuff structures.
Mape-Antique I is a pre-blended sulphate-resistant binder used to obtain injection slurries to consolidate stone cavity walls, refill cavities, cracks and internal porosity present in period structures in stone and brick.
Mape-Antique I is a ready-to-use binder with a base of pozzolanic-reaction inorganic materials, special additives and ultra fine fillers.
Mix a 20 kg bag of Mape-Antique I with 7 l of water with a drill fitted with an agitator, until a homogeneous mix is obtained.
Mape-Antique I is applied with an injection pump ("Clivio" type) manually or automatically.

approximately 1.40 kg/dm3 of cavity to be filled.

20 kg bags.

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