Light-coloured salt-resistant cement-free pre-packed lime- and Eco-Pozzolan-based mortar to be used before applying Mape-Antique MC, Mape-Antique CC and Mape-Antique LC, dehumidifying mortars on stone, tuff and brick substrates.
Mape-Antique Rinzaffo is especially recommended as first coat in the restoration of old stone, tuff and brick buildings damaged by the strong presence of chlorides. It is especially recommended to improve the adhesion and chemical/physical resistance to soluble salts of macro-porous mortars such as
Mape-Antique MC, Mape-Antique CC, and Mape-Antique LC dehumidifying mortars.
Mape-Antique Rinzaffo's special properties prevent soluble salts from penetrating macro-porous mortars. The hygroscopicity of soluble salts such as chlorides can cause localised humidity in mortars used in insufficiently ventilated areas.
Mix a 20 kg bag of Mape-Antique Rinzaffo with 5 to 5.5 l of water in an ordinary job site mixer for 5-6 minutes.
Mape-Antique Rinzaffo is applied by trowel in a maximum thickness of approx. 5 mm.

7.5 kg/m2 per 5 mm of thickness.

20 kg bags.

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