Pre-blended, ready-to-use, quick-setting and drying (24 hours), controlled-shrinkage mortar for screeds.

For the formation of both floating and bonded screeds on either old or new floor slabs, for laying ceramic, stone material or any other type of floor covering which requires quick drying and immediate laying of the material. Mapecem Pronto is ready-to-use and it only needs to be blended with water. Mapecem Pronto is the ideal solution where finding good quality inert material of the correct grade is difficult, or in the case of installations in areas, such as historical town centres, where transportation and preparation of the blend with traditional binders becomes problematic. It is suitable for both internal and external screeds. Installation of bonded screeds and repair operations (less than 35 mm thickness) require that bonding slurry made using Mapecem Pronto and Planicrete is applied beforehand, while floating screeds (thickness above 35 mm) must be laid over sheets of polythene.

Technical data:
Recommended mixture ratio: one 25 kg bag of Mapecem Pronto with approx. 2.2 litres of water.
Open time of the mixture: 20-30 minutes.
Set to light foot traffic: after 2-3 hours.
Waiting time before installation: 3 hours for ceramic and natural stone.
Residual moisture after 24 hours: less than 2%.
Storage: 12 months.

approx. 20 kg/m2 per cm of thickness.

25 kg bags.

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