Epoxy paint for acid-resistant coating of concrete surfaces.
Mapecoat I 24 may be used for concrete floors, storage tanks and flumes which come into contact with aggressive chemicals, such as acids, leaching agents and hydrocarbons.
Mapecoat I 24 is a two-component epoxy paint. Prior to use, the components must be thoroughly mixed until complete homogeneity is obtained.
It's characterized by a low viscosity, Mapecoat I 24 can be applied easily on perfectly clean, sound and dry substrates by brush, roller or spray.
After the completion of the cross-linking, Mapecoat I 24 forms a waterproof and vapourproof film.
Mapecoat I 24 is available in white, grey and neutral. The neutral version may be coloured using Mapecolor Paste during the preparation phase. Each 5 kg pack of Mapecoat I 24 requires 0.7 kg of Mapecolor Paste.
Mapecoat I 24 meets the requirements of EN 1504-2 standards, coating (C), according to PI, MC, PR, RC and IR principles for concrete protection.

400-600 g/m2 per coat, depending on the type of substrate.

5 kg (A B).

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