Epoxy paint in water dispersion for the protection of cementitious substrates.
Mapecoat W is recommended for painting concrete surfaces subject to weak chemical aggression and light traffic.
Mapecoat W is especially recommended for surfaces with special cleaning requirements in kitchens, cafeterias, hospitals, tanks for water and slightly aggressive liquids, and floors subject to foot traffic.
Mapecoat W is a two-component epoxy paint to be carefully mixed before using until completely homogeneous.
Mapecoat W is easily applied with a brush, roller or airless spray on substrates that are thoroughly clean and sound, even if slightly damp.
Mapecoat W should be applied in two coats, usually without the need of a primer.

250-300 g/m2.

10 kg (A B) and 20 kg (A B) buckets.

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