Two-component, non-yellowing polyurethane finishing compound in water dispersion, for dust-repellent and anti-oil treatments.
Mapefloor Finish 52 W is used as a dust-repellent and anti-oil finishing layer on concrete and Ultratop, or as a finishing layer on epoxy systems.
The main characteristic of Mapefloor Finish 52 W is that, if it is applied on Ultratop or concrete, it does not modify the appearance of the substrate and does not leave a "wet-look" finish.
The two components which make up Mapefloor Finish 52 W must be mixed together using a drill fitted with a low-speed stirrer, until a homogenous blend is obtained, and then applied uniformly using a short-haired roller.
It is possible to add 3-5% in weight of Mapefloor Filler to Mapefloor Finish 52 W to leave the surface with a non-slip finish, according to the level of non-slip effect required.

0.1-0.2 kg/m2 each coat according to the absorbency of the substrate.

5.4 kg units (A B).

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