Silane and siloxane-based anti-alga and anti-mould insulating base solution in watery emulsion.
Silancolor Primer Plus is a silane and siloxane-based anti-alga and anti-mould primer in watery emulsion, used to even out the absorbency of substrates and to make them suitable for painting with finishing products from the Silancolor Plus range.
Silancolor Primer Plus forms the basis of the Silancolor Plus system for protecting walls.
Silancolor Primer Plus carries out its protective action right from the start of the painting cycle, and helps to eliminate the causes of damage to walls due to the growth and spreading of alga and mould.
Silancolor Primer Plus, together with the coloured finishes from the Silancolor Plus range, forms a painting cycle for internal and external surfaces which guarantees double protection. It forms a defence against micro-organisms which attack and damage the walls of buildings and guarantees long-lasting protection against chemical attack, UV rays and general damp.
Silancolor Primer Plus is a silane and siloxane-based anti-alga and anti-mould primer in water dispersion with high penetration properties. This product's special formulation makes the substrate highly water repellent, while maintaining its transpiration properties.
Silancolor Primer Plus evens out the absorbency of the substrate and promotes good bonding.
Silancolor Primer Plus is odourless and does not contain solvents, which makes it suitable for applications in closed or poorly ventilated areas.
Silancolor Primer Plus is ready to use.
Shake well before use.

0.10-0.30 kg/m2.

10 and 2 kg drums.

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