Trowelable, highly decorative, vapour permeable, fine finished, silicate-based mineral paste coating, for interior and exterior applications, complies with DIN 18363 Standards.
Silexcolor Marmorino is applied on interior and exterior surfaces where both high permeability to water vapour and an antique finishing, typical of marbles, are required. Being silicate based, it forms a single body with the substrate without altering permeability to water vapour and is resistant to adverse weather i.e. acid rain.
Silexcolor Marmorino is the ideal finishing for Mape-Antique based dehumidifying cycles. Apply an even first coat of Silexcolor Marmorino with a stainless steel trowel. After complete drying, sand with abrasive sand paper double zero, then apply one or more coats of the same or different colour with a builders trowel, cross stroking. Sand with fine abrasive sand paper and polish the surface with a stainless steel trowel. A protective granulated finishing (with Silexcolor Tonachino) gives an "encausto" effect.
Silexcolor Marmorino is applied on substrates that must be clean, cured, dry, and free of old paint, and must have been prepared beforehand with Silexcolor Primer.
Silexcolor Marmorino is available in a vast range of colours that can be obtained with the ColorMap® automatic tinting system.

0.8-1.0 kg/m2.

20 and 5 kg buckets.

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