Location icon Pushkin, Russia
Ref #: 2094867


Yard MAPEI products were used on the territory of 5000 sq. meters. MAPEI took part in the installation of antistatic linoleum and ceramic tiles laying
Location Pushkin, Russia
Subcategory PLANT
Built in 2017
Opened in 2019
Application “Active Component” is a pharmaceutical company that specializes in the development and production of active pharmaceutical ingredients. This object is the company’s new plant.
In laboratories and production facilities with specialized equipment including laboratory centrifuges, we needed to install special anti-static linoleum. MAPEI's mission was to protect the flooring from static charges. First, the surface was leveled with Ultraplan Eco 20. After this linoleum could be laid in 12 hours. For the installation of antistatic linoleum, MAPEI offered Ultrabond Eco Contact. And to dissipate static voltage, a Mapelectric CP1 conductive additive was added to the leveling compound. For the installation of linoleum in the corridors, the company supplied Mapecryl Eco.
Start and finish date 2017/2019
Application Type Installation of floors, Surface preparation

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