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Our second sustainability report

Mapei has always put the concept of sustainability at the very heart of its production and commercial systems. This is why, this year too, it has chosen to continue the important journey begun in 2017: to release figures about the Group’s activities in the field of sustainability in order to give a truthful and transparent picture of the Group, of its values and of its environmental, social and economic performance.

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Letter to the stakeholders


2017 was another year rich with gratifying moments to be added to our long history of successes lasting more than 80 years. 80, just like the number of candles that all of us from the Mapei family blew out during the anniversary celebrations held throughout Italy. Each and every one of those candles represented the commitment, professionalism and creativity of all those people who, over the years, have played such an important role in making the Group one of the leading companies in the development and production of chemical products for the building industry all around the world and to reach a turnover of around 2.4 billion Euros at the end of the year.

Internationalisation, Research and Development and Specialisation in the building sector represent the pillars of our growth strategy and it is thanks to them that we can continue to look forward and respond in full to our clients’ new, and at times yet unspoken requirements, and the needs of our employees and, wherever possible, of the communities and territories in which we operate.

For us, being close to our clients, employees and the community in general means constantly investing into the creation of quality, durable products that are as sustainable as possible. This is why for years we have been dedicating resources and time into the research and development of innovative products and systems with the aim of minimising their impact on the environment during their entire life cycle, safeguarding the health and safety of people, workers and, first and foremost, of final users, and ensuring a high level of living comfort inside the buildings in which they are used. A great deal of attention goes into products that enable sustainability, that is, all those solutions we create that are mainly intended to improve health and safety and reduce the impact that buildings have on the environment, thereby promoting the theme of sustainability throughout the whole of the building industry.

For Mapei, being sustainable also means investing in people and encouraging the talent, proactivity and team spirit that distinguish the almost 9,500 direct employees of the Group, as well as being spurred on by a strong sense of social responsibility to put the company’s professional knowhow at the service of the community. In fact, as a Group, we love being in the front line and taking an active role in the life of the communities around us by sponsoring sporting, cultural and charity events and initiatives.



In this context, the intention of the journey we undertook last year, and that we are continuing to follow with the publication of the 2017 Sustainability Report, is to give all of you the opportunity to have a clear and complete picture of who we are, the initiatives we have undertaken and the results we have achieved in the field of economic, social and environmental sustainability by highlighting the key moments from 2017 and the particular characteristics of our Italian subsidiaries.

And it is precisely the inclusion of our Italian subsidiaries within the framework of the Report that represents the most significant change: Adesital, Cercol, Mosaico+, Polyglass, Vaga and Vinavil are all on board with the parent company in acknowledging the importance of honest, transparent dialogue with all their stakeholders and consider sustainability to be one of the core principles of the way they do business.

Nowadays, all major companies are heading in the exact same direction; integrating sustainability into their core business, driven by a legislative framework and market forces that are becoming increasingly sensitive to this particular theme. Over the years Mapei, which has always been an example of a proactive approach, has dedicated an increasing level of attention to Sustainability and has gradually combined it with the concepts of Internationalisation, Research and Development and Specialisation, the three traditional pillars of its corporate strategy.

Giorgio Squinzi



Sustainability figures

All figures refer to the entire Mapei Italy framework


Million euros
distributed to
stakeholders in 2017


Of turnover in 2017 came from
products with formulations
less than three years old


Million euros
spent on r&d in 2017


New products introducedl
on the market in 2017

Amount of co2 during the life cycle of keraflex maxi s1 zero adhesive in 2017 fully offset by purchasing credits for a reforestation project covering an area of 

21.291 hectares



Hours of technical
training for around 45.500
participants in 2017


Tonnes of co2 prevented in 2017
by generating our own energy
from photovoltaic cells


Of employees with a permanent
work contract in 2017


Of purchased goods (in weight)
from italian suppliers


Hours of training
for employeesi
(17 hours per capita)


Lower workrelated injury rate
for the three-year
period 2015-2017


Employees in 2017
(+11% compared with 31/12/2014)


New employees
in 2017


Employee resignations
in 2017


Million euros as contribution
to sporting, cultural
and social initiatives

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