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Family values woven into those of the company, courage, intuition, research, innovation and new ideas are our heritage.
Giorgio Squinzi
La storia di Mapei in Italia

The story of Mapei in Italy

1937: Rodolfo Squinzi founded M.A.P.E.I. Materiali Ausiliari Per Edilizia e Industria (Auxiliary Materials For Building and Industry) The first headquarters of the company were in Via Cafiero, which today is home of the Group's most important Research & Development Centre. The first important example in the tile installation sector was the installation of tiles on pre-cast concrete panels and represented a turning point and acceleration in the growth of Mapei.

Another important step forward was the first phase of our internationalisation strategy by exporting products overseas to countries such as Switzerland, France and the Americas.

A new
important chapter

In 1984, after the founder Rodolfo passed away, his son Giorgio took over the running of the company. The second half of the 1990’s saw another historical moment: two of his other children, Marco and Veronica, joined the company. This was the start of another important chapter in the story of the company, which reiterated its commitment to the group’s key sectors: Research & Development and Internationalisation. Today, along with the members of the Squinzi family, the managers of the company are fully committed to all the sectors in which Mapei operates and, working alongside the managers, there is a team that organises and administers the Group’s activities.

To guarantee the world a future with low environmental impact is one of our objectives


We have been awarded rigorous certification in compliance with stringent international standards

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