Zinc plate with adhesive backing for galvanic cathodic protection against the corrosion of steel structures exposed to atmospheric conditions.
Mapeshield S comprises a plate with a 99.9% pure zinc core with a thickness of 80 µm. The back of the tape has a 25 µm thick layer of conductive adhesive and is applied by pressing it onto the element. The product is suitable for continuous in-service temperatures of up to 80°C.
The adhesive layer is covered by a siliconised paper liner which stops it from deteriorating and protects against contamination until it is applied. The tape is available in rolls with a width of 100, 200 and 300 mm at a length of 50 m.
To guarantee protection, the plate must be applied on the entire surface of the structure which requires protection. Once the plate has been applied, no other operations need to be carried out because contact is guaranteed by the adhesive. Once Mapeshield S has been applied, the difference in electric potential between the two metals protects the metallic structure and keeps it clean and protected over the years.

- Mapeshield S 100: boxes with 5 rolls 50 metres long and 10 cm wide;
- Mapeshield S 200: boxes with 3 rolls 50 metres long and 20 cm wide;
- Mapeshield S 300: boxes with 2 rolls 50 metres long and 30 cm wide.

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