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Etele Plaza

Waterproofing roofs and installing ceramic tiles in a big mall, the first “intelligent” building in Hungary

Location icon Budapest


The Etele Plaza shopping centre, opened in 2021, is the first “intelligent” building in Hungary and is able to provide clients with a better shopping experience through dedicated cloud-based apps and services, such as helping visitors find the most suitable parking space, recharging electric cars or directing them to the store of their choice. There are ten stores inside Etele Plaza, along with a restaurant, a coffee-shop, a cinema, a fitness centre and an amusement arcade.


Concrete admixtures for every season

Mapei Kft, the Hungarian subsidiary of the Group, recommended the most suitable admixtures for the mix design of the concrete used in the construction of the building. During the particularly hot weather it was recommended to use DYNAMON RC220 plasticising admixture, a product distributed on the Hungarian market by Mapei Kft., and the liquid retardant MAPETARD. Both products were chosen because they are suitable for applications where a high level of workability needs to be maintained, including at high temperatures. 

Creating a green roof

Etele Plaza has been rated as “Very Good” according to BREEAM criteria (a voluntary sustainability rating system for buildings developed in the UK), a requirement of the client, thanks to a reduction in light pollution, the use of durable and recycled materials and the presence of “green” surfaces at the entrance to the shopping centre and on the roof.

The green roof needed to have a really efficient waterproofing system. Therefore, the contractor decided to opt for Polyglass solutions, a subsidiary of Mapei Group, POLYPRIMER bituminous primer was used to promote adhesion of the membranes applied afterwards. FLEXO S6 PREMIUM waterproofing membrane was then applied on the surface. ANTIRADICE FLEX P was also applied to provide further protection: an elastomeric membrane ensuring high resistance to root penetration. Its special compound creates a chemical barrier, ensuring the membrane delivers perfect watertightness and resistance to aggressive chemicals and puncture by plant roots. As for other roofs, the products used were MAPEPLAN T M 18 BROOF (t2) - a synthetic FPO/TPO membrane, certified to the requirements of the external fire performance standard - and MAPEPLAN T METAL SHEET, used as press-formed finishing profiles.


Installation of ceramic tiles

The floor substrates in several areas were levelled off with NOVOPLAN MAXI cementitious mortar, except in the bathrooms where PLANEX HR moisture-resistant, self-levelling mortar was recommended. Most of the ceramic tiles were installed with ADESILEX P9
improved cementitious adhesive. KERAFLEX MAXI S1 cementitious adhesive was chosen for the service corridors and bathrooms, while in the sales areas exposed to intense footfall, KERAFLEX EASY S1 was used, which is particularly resistant to heavy loads. The joints were grouted with KERACOLOR FF FLEX cementitious mortar, which is distributed on the Hungarian market by Mapei Kft.

Project information

Yard Installation of ceramic tiles, waterproofing for roofing.
Location Budapest, Hungary
Built in 2016
Opened in 2021
Application supplying admixtures for concrete, waterproofing membranes, and products for installing ceramic tiles
Application Type Floor/wall coverings, New building, Waterproofing systems
Contractor company Futureál Group
Installer companies Tectum Kft., Dominó Kft.
MAPEI Distributor Dominó Kft.
Credits Dávid Kecskeméti
MAPEI Coordination Viktor Kósa

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