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Angelo Giangiulio

Product Manager of the Mapei Product Line dedicated to wooden floors

From Realtà Mapei International n° 79 - 3/9/2020

New colours and solutions for wood

A few words from Angelo Giangiulio, Product Manager of the Mapei Product Line dedicated to wooden floors

Mapei has always taken great interest in the needs of designers and architects when creating surroundings that are both refined and aesthetically unique. And since wooden floors are being used more and more frequently in these types of setting, at Domotex we proposed a contemporary residential setting with an innovative solution, in which wood was not confined to just the floor but continued along the wall.

Apart from being eco-sustainable – let’s bear in mind that wood is a natural storage tank for carbon dioxide which will never be released until it is burned – wood allows us to refurbish and change our surroundings without causing too much disruption in our homes. The setting presented at the trade fair rises up and flows along the wall, giving a completely different look to the room.

At Domotex we proposed a product of the latest generation, ULTRABOND ECO S LITE, a one-component, silylated polymer-based adhesive that may be used to install any type of engineered flooring, and it is also certified EMICODE EC 1PLUS. This adhesive is also formulated with Ultralite Technology, which means a bag of ULTRABOND ECO S LITE weighs less than the same volume of traditional adhesive.

This makes it easier to handle, transport costs are lower and it has a higher yield.


To keep in line with the new requirements in design and the demand for different shades, at Domotex Mapei presented a new line of products: ULTRACOAT HARD OIL FAST. “Hard” is used for products that have higher levels of resistance, “Oil” identifies the type of product and “Fast” indicates that, compared with the past, we have managed to reduce application times considerably because, unfortunately, nowadays there is very little time to carry out all the work, particularly in the case of renovation projects.

The range is characterised, above all, by its variety of colours: we are presenting 18 of them, from the neutral base colour up to a range of darker colours. Our aim is to give wood a little colour and enhance its natural beauty, without distorting or changing its pattern or st ructure. And in so doing the grain, tone and fibers of parquet are enhanced even more. With 18 colours we are able to satisfy the most varied needs of designers who nowadays wish to offer an increasingly wide array of solutions to clients and buyers. Designers are often asked to use a colour that ties in with the furniture in a room. And now we are able to respond in full to these new requests.

What is more, because wood is a natural product, it also requires special care. Which is why at the trade fair we presented a range of products for the protection and daily care of parquet. When used regularly, these special treatments help preserve the life and beauty of wood and the colour it has been given.



Products for finishing
and protecting wood


At Domotex Mapei presented lots of products, such as:

ULTRACOAT MT 2K, a water-based, acrylic-polyurethane varnish for wooden floors providing high resistance to wear and abrasion for floors exposed to medium levels of pedestrian traffic; two versions are available: Matt and Satin.

ULTRACOAT HT 2K, a water-based, 100% aliphatic polyurethane varnish for wooden floors with a high level of resistance to wear and abrasion, for floors exposed to extreme levels of pedestrian traffic in commercial surroundings; available in the versions: 0 gloss, 10 gloss, 30 gloss and 60 gloss.

, a water-based polyurethane varnish with a class R9, non-slip finish for wooden floors in areas used by the general public; available in the versions: 0 gloss, 10 gloss and 30 gloss.

ULTRACOAT HARD OIL FAST, an impregnating oil for finishing off wooden floors; available either in neutral or various different shades.

Apart from the solutions for protecting wood, Mapei spotlighted:

ULTRACOAT POLISH A-S, a ready-to-use, natural product with a non-slip finish to protect wooden floors.

ULTRACOAT POLISH H-T, to protect wooden floors from wear and stains.

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