From Realtà Mapei International n° 62 - 9/5/2017

Schlosshotel Fleesensee

Installation of parquet and textile wall coverings in a historic German hotel.

Location icon Göhren-Lebbin

The Schlosshotel Fleesensee has quite an adventurous story to tell: originally built in 1842 as Castle Blücher in Göhern-Lebbin – a small town between Hamburg and Berlin – it was destroyed by a fire in 1912 and then re-built in neo-Baroque style. During the Second World War it was used as a school and then as a military hospital. During the period of the DDR it was used for various purposes and, in the period before the reunification of Germany, it had been turned into a holiday home. For 15 years the Hotel Schloss Blücher was owned by the Radisson Blu hotel chain and, in 2015, it was sold to Lindner Investment who renamed it the Schlosshotel Fleesensee. Before reopening it to the public, the new owners decided to give it a complete overhaul and turn it into a design hotel.



The owners wanted to offer the clientele an environment along traditional lines, but with finishes and materials to give it a decidedly modern look. 

The designers opted for contemporary furnishings and fittings, a sophisticated lighting system and a complete restyling of the spaces, with special touches to give the rooms – characterised by their high ceilings – a special atmosphere. And amongst these special touches the coverings stand out for their superb quality. The entrance, foyer, reception, bar, wine cellar, restaurant and winter garden all have parquet flooring made from very special types of wood characterised by their unique finish and high resistance to wear and foot traffic. In the conference rooms, corridors and bedrooms, on the other hand, the designers decided to install high quality carpet, with each room having its own individual colour and pattern; details that transmit wellbeing to a client, with good soundproofing and a sense of tranquillity and warmth.



The contractor wanted to use exclusively Mapei systems to install around 2,000 m2 of wall and floor coverings – indeed, Mapei was able to offer manifold adhesives, primers, levelling and smoothing compounds with very low emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and with Blue Angel sign.

Furthermore, Mapei specialists provided on-site tailored recommendation for choosing the right products to refurbish the old substrates.

The first step was to treat the substrates with ECO PRIM PU 1K TURBO moisture-curing, rapid-drying polyurethane primer in combination with ECO PRIM T PLUS, acrylic primer in water dispersion. Local repairs have been carried out with PLANIPATCH, fine-graded cementitious levelling compound mixed with LATEX PLUS instead of water. Cracks have been sealed with PRIMER MF. At this point the substrates were levelled with ULTRAPLAN ECO PLUS self-levelling smoothing and levelling compound (produced and marketed in Germany). Once this had dried, around 900 m2 of wooden flooring were laid using ULTRABOND ECO S968 1K one-component, silylated polymer-based, solvent and plasticizer free adhesive and free of solvent content.

ULTRABOND ECO 170 high and fast grab adhesive in water dispersion  was then used to install 1,100 m2 of textile floor coverings. The next step for the designers and owners is to completely renovate the sport resort next to the hotel.

Project information

Yard renewed hotel
Location Göhren-Lebbin, Germany
Subcategory HOTEL/INN
Built in 1842
Opened in 1912
Application supplying products for carrying out substrates, for the installation of wooden and textile floorings
Start and finish date 2016
Application Type Installation of floors
Client Kai Richter und Jörg Lindner-Lindner Investment Management (Düsseldorf)
Installer companies Raumausstattung Rick GmbH (Düsseldorf)
Specialists involved Kitzig Architekten (Göhern-Lebbin)
MAPEI Distributor W.&L. Jordan GmbH (Düsseldorf)
MAPEI Coordination Günter Hermann, Tom Schlag (Mapei GmbH)
Realtà Mapei Tags: #floors #interiordesign

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