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Stella Island Luxury resort and Spa

Crete’s cerulean beaches, ancient myths and fascinating past make it one of the most popular tourist destinations. A brand-new luxury resort offering guests prestigious facilities set around a lagoon of swimming pools is located near to one of the most beautiful coastlines in the northern part of the island, just a few minutes from the airport.

The substrates of the bedrooms have been levelled off with one of Mapei's self-levelling compounds, making them more resistant to loads and to light foot traffic. A fine type of exotic parquet has been chosen for the wooden floorings and has been bonded with ULTRABOND P990 1K one-component adhesive. Both the porcelain tiles in the bathrooms of the luxurious rooms and the glass mosaics of the swimming pools have been installed with KERAFLEX MAXI S1 cementitious adhesive and KERAPOXY CQ epoxy-resin.

Location icon Crete

The island of Crete is the biggest of all of Greece’s islands. Crete’s tourist industry has really boomed over the last twenty years as it has modernised its existing facilities and built new hotels.

Stella is a 5 star hotel chain in Crete which offers high quality services and accommodation. During 2017 a new wing was added to the already existing Stella Palace Resort and Stella Village hotels: its name is Stella Island Luxury Resort and Spa.

The main architectural concept behind its design is that every single room has either direct access to or oversees the big swimming pool-lagoon like complex, which works as an axle with all buildings “dancing” around it.

There are five different types of rooms to choose from. The Island Villas are an independent accommodation facility and each Villa has its own pool. The Over Water Bungalows along with the Luxury Swim rooms are located on the water allowing guests to dive into the pool directly from their veranda.


The Premium Pool View and Luxury Double View rooms are located on the upper floor of the complex offering magnificent view of the surroundings and of the pool complex itself.

The hotel offers a full pack of services like spa for relaxation and all kinds of watersports, as well as an International Cuisine Restaurant which is located on a wooden external deck overlooking the pool.


The hotel ownership chose Mapei products for several applications during construction works.

All Bungalows and Premium Rooms sport wooden floorings installed using ULTRABOND P990 1K one-component, solvent free, ready-to-use, elastic polyurethane adhesive with an extremely low emission level of volatile organic compounds (VOC). This is a moisture curing, ready-to-use product, ideal for bonding all sizes and formats of jointed, pre-finished solid wooden coverings with a ply backing.

Before applying the wooden covering the substrate was prepared with the self-levelling compound ULTRAPLAN ECO 20, which is distributed on the Greek market by Mapei Hellas SA, the Greek subsidiary of the Mapei Group.

Glass mosaic was installed in the pools with KERAFLEX MAXI S1, deformable cementitious adhesive with extended open time and no vertical slip. The product, which features Low Dust technology and very low emission of VOC, is suitable for bonding ceramic tiles, mosaic and stone material and ideal for the installation of large-size porcelain tiles and natural stone.

The same product was used to install porcelain tiles in the Luxurious Rooms. Joints of both coverings were grouted with KERAPOXY CQ, two-component epoxy grout with BioBlock® technology. The product has a bacteriostatic agent, preventing the proliferation of bacteria and the formation of mould on the surfaces of grouts.

The hotel was designed by Stavros Peppas, a Greek architect specialized in hotels who designed some of the most luxurious hotels in Greece. The guests of Stella Island Luxury Suite spa can now enjoy a comfortable and memorable experience in this chic and stylish resort.

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Being first is no coincidence

 ULTRABOND P990 1K is the first ever one-component polyurethane adhesive for wooden flooring to be welcomed by the Italian market. Since then, it has been a success worldwide. Its American version, ULTRABOND 990, gave birth to other adhesives for wood, which confirmed Mapei as the leading manufacturer of polyurethane adhesives for wooden flooring in America.

Discover more on the commitment of our Polyurethanes Lab for these products in our magazine or consult our product range for wooden floorings on our selection guide.


Handling Ceramics

This resort witnessed the choice of the same two products for different purposes: glass mosaics for swimming pools and porcelain tiles for the bathrooms.

Would you like some more information?

Find out more on these possibilities on our technical documents: choose among our grouts, our adhesives for ceramics or discover our products for wet environments in our guide for waterproofing products.

Project data sheet

Yard interior and exterior rooms
Location Crete, Greece
Subcategory HOTEL/INN
Built in 2016
Opened in 2017
Application supply of products for ceramic and wooden floors installation
Start and finish date 2016/2017
Application Type Floor/wall coverings
Client Tzirakis
Contractor company Makriyiannakis Manolis
Architects Stavros Peppas
Specialists involved Stavros Peppas
MAPEI Distributor Platakis
Project Manager Stavros Peppas
MAPEI Coordination Fabio Fenech (Mapei SpA)
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