Two-component, self-levelling, neutral-coloured, highly flexible polyurethane binder with fillers.
Mixing ratio: comp. A : comp. B = 24 : 76.
Colour of mix: neutral.
Consistency of mix: viscous fluid.
Pot life at +23°C: 59 minutes.
Dusty dry: 4-6 hours.
Set to light foot traffic: 24 hours.
Final hardening time: 7 days.
Elongation (DIN 53504): approx. 470%.
Shore A hardness after 28 days: 70.
Storage: 6 months in its original sealed packaging.
Application: notched trowel.
Consumption: from 1.5 to 2 kg/m² according to the condition of the substrate.
Packaging: 19.75 kg kits (A + B).

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