Two-component fluid resin used for injections in all types of soil, rock and/or concrete

Where to use
• Cracks/fractures rocks, waterproofing injections and soil consolidation.
• Waterproofing, consolidating and filling voids, fractures, etc. in underground works where very high penetration is required in narrow spaces.
• Ground anchoring injections and joints in all types of soil. It gives the anchorage full effectiveness in approx. 15 minutes (a cementitious injection typically require seven days).
• Concrete restoration, for sealing cracks no matter the size.
• Waterproofing covering for structures such as aqueducts, tanks, etc.

The consumption has to be assessed considering the ground condition.

Comp. A: 25 kg metallic tanks.
Comp. B: 22 kg metallic tanks.

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