High-strength, steel fibre cord for structural strengthening.
MapeWrap S FIOCCO is a special “cord” made using steel filaments, characterised by its extremely high mechanical strength.
The product is suitable for repairing reinforced concrete elements damaged by physical-mechanical stresses, for shear and flexural strengthening of concrete elements and masonry and for seismic upgrading of structures at risk, and is used in conjunction with MapeWrap fabrics from the MAPEI FRP System range of products.
MapeWrap S FIOCCO is placed in position using MapeWrap 11, MapeWrap 12 or MapeWrap 31. After extracting MapeWrap S FIOCCO through the hole in the top of the package, trim to the exact length required with a clean cut using a grinder. Peel back the mesh towards the part of the MapeWrap S FIOCCO which is not to be impregnated with resin, and apply MapeWrap 11, MapeWrap 12 or MapeWrap 31 on the rest of the cord after placing it in contact with the structural element to be strengthened.
Boxes containing a 10 m-long roll.
MapeWrap S FIOCCO is available in two different diameters (10 and 12 mm):
MapeWrap S FIOCCO/10 mm: 10 m-long by Ø10 mm rolls
MapeWrap S FIOCCO/12 mm: 10 m-long by Ø12 mm rolls.

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