MAPEI believes in transparency throughout all of our processes. To that end, we manufacture our products using sustainable, low-VOC and recycled materials whenever possible. We provide multiple forms of third-party-certified proof of this fact. In addition to EPDs and industry certifications, we offer product Manufacturers’ Inventories and a list of our Red List Free products.

Manufacturers’ Inventory

A Manufacturers’ Inventory (MI) is a transparency document that shows the ingredients in a product and their associated hazards. Each MI gives MAPEI the freedom to develop a reporting document that aligns with mandatory regulatory chemical audit methodologies, while providing the same required information and verification rigor as other material ingredient reporting options (such as HPDs, Cradle to Cradle and Declare). MAPEI publicly discloses product inventories to 1,000 parts per million (ppm). Recently, MAPEI was provided the methods and the means to produce its own MIs in-house; they are third-party-verified through GreenCircle.


Red List Free

MAPEI products also may be listed as “Red List Free” per the criteria of the Living Building Challenge. MAPEI will work with project teams to find appropriate alternatives that meet the Living Building Challenge’s requirements.

To request an MI or check on “Red List Free” status for a product, contact MAPEI’s Sustainability Team.

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