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Ultratop high-performance, self-leveling concrete toppings
quickly resurface a wide variety of surfaces

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Resurfacing interior concrete often brings specific challenges, including the need for durable products with fast-track applications and curing times. MAPEI helps answer those challenges with Ultratop and Ultratop PC.



Ultratop is a self-leveling, self-curing topping that is specially formulated for fast-track resurfacing of horizontal wear surfaces.

Ultratop provides the ideal surface for creating beautiful residential finished toppings in natural gray or white. Also suitable for diamond polishing for industrial use in malls, shops, hotels and museums.

Fluid self-leveler; easily installed from 1/4" to 2"


Polishable in as soon as 24 hours


High compressive strength



Ultratop PC

Ultratop PC is a polishable, self-leveling, cementitious topping. Ultratop PC is engineered to provide a thin resurfacing material that is extremely dense, hard and durable.

As a polishable, self-leveling topping for fast-track resurfacing of interior floors, Ultratop PC gives a beautiful “salt and pepper” look to commercial, light industrial and residential applications.

Easily installed from 3/8" to 2” or up to 5" extended


Polishable in as soon as 24 hours


Extremely dense, hard and durable


Technical Documents


Ultratop Natural System Guide Spec
SECTION 03 53 00
Concrete Topping


Ultratop Polished System Guide Spec
SECTION 03 35 00
Polished Concrete Finishing


Ultratop Terrazzo System Guide Spec
SECTION 03 35 00
Polished Concrete Finishing


Polishing Ultratop
Technical Bulletin

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MAPEI offers everything you’ll need from a single source – from priming, self-leveling and densifying, to final sealing and protection. Trust MAPEI’s systems for an attractive wear surface for years to come.

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