Ultrabond Spray CTA and RFA adhesive sprays

Join the installation evolution with MAPEI’s Ultrabond Spray adhesives

Permits immediate
foot traffic

12 hours of
working time

High moisture

Superior bond

MAPEI’s new spray adhesives revolutionize the installation of carpet and resilient flooring. Designed to replace trowel-applied adhesives, these aerosolized, water-based, high-performance, acrylic adhesives allow installers to stand upright during the application process – with no more kneeling or crawling on floors. Ultrabond Spray RFA is intended for use with resilient flooring, while Ultrabond Spray CTA can be used with carpet tiles.

Both sprays feature:

  • High moisture resistance for bond durability
  • Superior tack for secure floor placement
  • Extended coverage when compared with trowel-applied adhesives 
  • 1 can of Ultrabond Spray CTA or RFA = 1 gallon of traditional adhesive
  • Quick drying time, permitting immediate foot traffic
  • Bond performance equal to traditional adhesives

MAPEI’s Ultrabond Spray adhesives let you take a “stand”… with quicker, easier installations. Your knees and your wallet will thank you. To find out more about the evolution in spray adhesive technology, call 1-800-42-MAPEI or view the products' Technical Data Sheets.

To find out more about the evolution in spray adhesive technology, contact us.

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