Range of DIY profiles

With its full range, Profilpas has provided an effective answer to the requirements of those needing to do home improvement work in domestic and industrial settings without the help of a professional. In particular, Profilpas offers a huge range of DIY profiles, in a variety of materials, from aluminium to stainless steel and brass. Available in several commercial sizes, these products make light and easy work of the jobs to be done, guaranteeing Profilpas quality at every stage.
The following profiles appear in more detail in the Profilpas catalogue:

  • Flat
  • Corner
  • L-shaped
  • U-shaped drainage channel
  • Double U-shaped drainage channel
  • Bull nose
  • Round tube
  • Square tube
  • Rectangular tube
  • T-profile
  • Round profile
  • Square profile

In addition to these, the range also includes profiles for silver anodised aluminium structures and counterweights for rounded shower curtain rails.

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