The precious contribution of Metal Line

The HangarBicocca Foundation is a not-for-profit foundation promoting and organising contemporary art. It was set up in 2004 in a converted factory building and since then has been used to stage exhibitions, live events, meetings, workshops and labs for schools and the wider public. The current use of HangarBicocca is closely linked to its history. Indeed, it once belonged to a case of excellence in industrial archaeology:  a plant in the Breda industry, a 19th century mechanical engineering company producing steam and electric locomotives, before ownership passed to the Ansaldo Group. After lying empty for a few years, the HangarBicocca complex was purchased in 2004 by the Pirelli Group, which had long had connections with Milan’s industrial area. The company turned the building into a contemporary art space. The Bicocca area now boasts not only the HangarBicocca but also the Milan-Bicocca University, the Arcimboldi Theatre and the Pirelli Foundation.

Profilpas skirting boards in the HangarBicocca

As part of the refurbishment of the exhibition hall, Profilpas Metal Line aluminium skirting boards were chosen. Their modern design is in keeping with the type of space, which has preserved the main structural elements such as the original bridge crane structure, but with a style that makes it an example of contemporary design.

Metal Line 90/10 skirting board

In particular, the model requested and studied for this environment was the 90/10 skirting board. Metal Line 90, in anodised aluminium and with various finishes and sizes, is the ultimate minimalist skirting board, used to create a sophisticated transition between floor and wall. Thanks to the lip, it covers the edge perfectly, a characteristic needed to fulfil the technical needs of floating floors when even the smallest of expansion gaps has to be hidden. It is also quick and easy to fit to the wall using appropriate adhesives. Metal Line 90 skirting boards also come in the Flex version, namely a bendable profile when the skirting board has to the follow a floor with a curved edge.

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Metal Line 90 is an aluminium skirting board, available in different finishes, that creates an elegant junction between the wall and the…

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