Profiles ZQTMN/45 in homes in the Vertical Forest

Inaugurated in 2014, the Vertical Forest in Milan is an ambitious metropolitan reforestation project: the sustainable, innovative initiative saw the building of two residential towers in the historic Isola area, with more than 2000 trees, including shrubs and tall trees.

The mission of the project, from the time of construction to nowadays, has remained the same: to increase plant and animal diversity in the Lombard capital through vertical densification of nature. On top of this, there was the desire to alleviate the micro-climate.

The two towers in the Vertical Forest are of different heights: the first is 111.5m tall, the other 78m. Their presence colours the city skyline and also performs a virtuous function, namely generating oxygen in an area of dense traffic. The design, by Studio Boeri, in particular by Stefano Boeri, Gianandrea Barreca and Giovanni La Varra, commenced in 2009.

Profilpas details in a highly sustainable project

The same attention to detail was employed with the interiors of the two towers as with the exteriors. Low thickness tiles made by Lea Ceramiche and Cotto d’Este were selected for the bathrooms, and teamed with ZQTMN/45 profiles in titanium bright brushed aluminium by Profilpas. These finishing elements are highly functional: by protecting the external edges of ceramic tile coverings, the get rid of the unsightly 45-degree cut in the tile edge.

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