Pet Food NZ

Location icon Gisbourne, New Zealand
Well done to our Mapefloor trained applicators 'Icoat Eastern-Central' on another quality Mapefloor CPU/NZ installation for a pet food manufacturing company in Gisborne. Once the extensive prep work was completed, the Mapefloor CPU/NZ and coving panels were installed in one day and open for full service again the following morning. The main benefit of the fast curing Mapefloor CPU/NZ is that it does not require primers, scratch coats or topcoats and will therefore take at least a day out of the installation process when compared to traditional resin flooring systems. The true 'lay and walk away' system. Mapefloor - floors that last!
Ref #: 250320201412
Categoria: INDÚSTRIA


Obra Processing floor for pet food.
Localização Gisbourne, New Zealand
Aplicação The floor was not bare concrete and not suitable for a food preparation facility. The customer required a very hard wearing and slip resistant floor.
Data de início e fim 2020
Tipo de aplicação Realiz. cobertura superficial
Proprietário Pet Foods NZ
Aplicador Best Coatings NZ
Créditos Jon Peters - Best Coatings
Coordenação MAPEI Scott Lacey

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