Pure epoxy resin chemical fastener for structural loads.
Suitable substrates: all full and perforated substrates, such as concrete and concrete derivates, brickwork, mixed masonry, wood and rock.
Recommended perforation technique: drill, hammer drill, core drilling, diamond-tipped tools.
Condition of hole for application: clean, dry or damp or wet.
Workability time at +20°C: 30’.
Final hardening time at +20°C: 10 h (dry substrate), 20 h (wet substrate).
Recommended diameter of fastener: from M8 to M39, from Ø8 to Ø40.
Certification available: CE mark; ETA option 7 (fasteners in compressive side); ETA option 1
(fasteners in tensile side); reaction to fire.
Application: extrusion gun.
Packaging: 385 ml.

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