Superplasticiser with retarding effect that integrates fine aggregates for ready-mix concrete with low slump loss.
Mapefluid R105 is a liquid superplasticising admixture for quality concrete with low slump loss and the ability to integrate fine aggregates.
Mapefluid R105 is especially suitable to be used in concrete that need to be easily pumped even if the cement factor is low and there is a lack of fine parts of the mix.
Mapefluid R105 is particularly suitable in the pre-pack industry that requires a long period of workability and/or moderately fast hydration of the cement at early age.
Add Mapefluid R105 directly to the mixture after all the other ingredients (cement, aggregate, water).
Mapefluid R105 can also be diluted into the mixing water beforehand but its superplasticising action is less effective.
0.6-1.3 kg per 100 kg of cement (0.5-1 litres).
200l drums, 1000 l tanks.
Also available in bulk on request.

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