One-component pre-packed multi-purpose non-accelerated cementitious mortar applied using either the dry or damp spraying technique.
Mapegrout Gunite is used for all repair of damaged concrete, such as concrete linings in road tunnels, repair of damaged bridges, repair of hydro works, reservoirs, industrial concrete structures, etc.
Due to its high mechanical properties, Mapegrout Gunite can be used for structural repairs.
Mapegrout Gunite is composed of hydraulic binders, microsilicates, selected aggregate, and special additives and is applied with a special dry or damp mix spray machine on a clean and rough surface after it has been saturated with water.
Mapegrout Gunite can be applied in thicknesses up to 40 mm per coat without using formwork.
Mapegrout Gunite meets the minimum requirements of EN 1504-3 standards for R4-class structural mortar.

approx. 20 kg/m2 per cm of thickness.

25 kg vacuum-sealed polyethylene bags.

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